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New! The Cost-Effective POE Commercial Switch You Can't Miss
A POE (power over ethernet) switch is an ethernet-based switch that allows data transmission and power supply to other connected devices. A POE switch works by receiving a physical signal sent to the connected devices via ethernet cables in data packets. The data packets, in turn, are directed to their final location by a destination address which leads them to their corresponding port where they instruct a device to carry out the desired task.
How Industrial Ethernet Switch Sparkles in Automatic Sorting System
The express sorting center puts an automatic sorting system to handle increased volumes of parcels while reducing delivery times, having great potential to transform the sortation. An automatic sorting system reduces great reliance on labor while it sorts at an unprecedented faster rate. For example, it can sort hundreds of products within a minute.
3 Pros to Use Industrial Ethernet Switch in Metallurgical Automation System
The metallurgical automation system, which helps control several parameters in industrial production with automatic controls, is widely used worldwide. The system has an automatic function with plenty of manufacturing operations that don't need significant human intervention. In addition, the metallurgical automation system uses digital equipment and replaces traditional analog control for data realization.
UOTEK Achieves Securing Industrial Network By Acquiring Certifications
UOTEK, an expert in industrial communications and networking, is constantly dedicated to providing professional IoT solutions which focus on securing the industrial network to customers. With the support of numerous advanced products, we at UOTEK have become the leader who aims to protect the industrial network. Our main products, including industrial Ethernet switches, serial device servers, smart remote I/O, wireless transmission devices, etc., win huge appreciation around the globe.