How Intelligent Transport System Works with Industrial Ethernet Switch


With the assistance of contemporary technology and the enlargement of the economy, it is evident that our lives change energetically. However, the massive increase of urban traffic roads leads to the severe emergence of traffic congestion, motor vehicle violations, and other traffic phenomena. Only relying upon the human management of traffic police can not satisfy the needs of modern traffic conditions. Under the premise, we need to adopt high-level means to enrich and strengthen traffic management.

An intelligent transport system appears. It refers to the advanced technology, data communication transmission, electronic control technology, and computer processing technology applied in the transportation industry to form a kind of information and intelligence system. On the one hand, the intelligent transport system can promote traffic efficiency and safety. On the other hand, it makes intelligent traffic systems come true, and we benefit a lot from it.


We can see considerable Ethernet switch manufacturers try their best to apply industrial Ethernet switch in the intelligent transport system. We, UOTEK, are such a successful example. We combine our Ethernet switch in some fields such as highway and urban traffic management, electric police management, toll booths or public security checkpoints management, etc. All these fields obtain good feedback. Let's have a look at how intelligent transport system works with industrial Ethernet switch.


Highway and urban traffic management

It is to enhance road traffic management level and public monitoring and prevention ability. Taking Hangzhou city, China, as an example, at major intersections such as high-speed interchange around Hangzhou, the traffic lights have been blurred, and even some roads have no traffic signal, which leads to congestion.


Considering the utilization rate of optical fiber resources, the project builds a dedicated industrial Ethernet switch with one core of backbone optical fiber and a two-way self-healing ring to ensure stable and reliable signal transmission. We use the industrial Ethernet switch UT-62408G-8GT2GP, which has a single fiber to form a ring network with a bandwidth of 1,000Mbps, is set in both the monitoring center and each interconnection. Thus, it can better improve the transmission speed with less time and ensure the reliability of communication transmission.


Electronic police management

It has plenty of advantages like automatic recording, unattended, accurate, fair and accessible management, etc. Taking Huangshi city, China, as an example, the traffic signal monitoring facilities were old, damaged, and missing at some major intersections.


To improve it, the core network of the central machine room of the project has been set up in advance. The transmission network is leased to the optical network of the telecom operator. The communication equipment of UOTEK, UT-2574GSM, UT-66408GM, and UT-634804TC, are used in the field access layer and the convergence layer of the machine room. With the assistance of the intelligent transport system, the road monitoring system, and electric police management, the traffic in Huangshi has significantly been improved.

Toll booths or public security checkpoints management

The intelligent transport system has illegal vehicle processing, data mining analysis, vehicle trajectory analysis, and other functions. For this project, we, UOTEK, adopt two layers of gigabit topology to meet the high bandwidth requirements of the current HD camera.


On the one hand, in the field access layer, we adopt the UT-6208 industrial Ethernet switch to enhance the energy support and transmission speed. On the other hand, in the central monitoring layer, we use the UT-98228 industrial Ethernet switch. It can forward the capture signal to the camera and upload the vehicle information captured by the camera to the monitoring center. Then, the vehicle's license plate information is recognized by the identification server of the monitoring center.



It is crucial to have an intelligent transport system in our daily life. And the combination between intelligent systems and industrial Ethernet switches can enormously boost the propagation rate of the communication as well as furnish solid and stable communication.

UOTEK, a proficient Ethernet switch manufacturer, successfully applied its Ethernet switch in the intelligent transport system, intelligent automation system, and other intelligent fields. Our high-quality and reliable products are becoming progressively attractive and welcomed by people worldwide. Besides, we are the first to adopt a four-dimensional standard on safe connection, which provides a safe data chain connection and full solution, and drives up industrial 4.0.

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