Company Profile

As an industrial IoT manufacturer, UTEK technology(UOTEK) has been founded in 2003, is a National High-Tech Enterprise, which focuses on R&D, manufacturing & sales of industrial Ethernet switches, serial device servers, smart remote I/O, wireless transmission devices, USB converters, serial converter etc. UOTEK is recognized as the leading industrial Ethernet communication solution supplier in China; the products have a wide range of application in electric systems, railway/traffic, intelligent medical systems, industrial automation, power environment, security system.

UOTEK  is the enterprise and university cooperation including Tsinghua University & Jinan University, which attracts lots of top specialists & R&D personnel on industrial networking communication around the world.  We have advanced technology,  intellectual property rights, the patent for invention & appearance, and software copyrights.

UOTEK grows rapidly after establishing. The products of the ethernet industry have lots of  application on electrical systems, rail transit, banking system, IoT, intelligent medical, industrial automation, information smart management system, power environment, and security system, etc.
UOTEK  passed  certification ISO9001:2008,  ISO14001, RoHS, FCC, CE, and other domestic/international communication certifications. UOTEK is the first ethernet switch manufacturer to use four-dimensional standards on safe connection, which provides safe data chain connection and full solution, and drive up the development of industrial 4.0


Five Advantages

  • Marketing Advantages

  • Service Advantages

  • Product Advantages

  • Brand Advantages

  • Technology Advantages

With advanced marketing philosophy & experienced marketing people, UOTEK brand and product promotion get strong backup in the market.
UOTEK has more than 10 years marketing experience. The management, sale, and service teamwork is in high efficiency. We got full marketing mode and loyal clients, the products are hot sale in domestic and overseas market. UOTEK is the advanced group in quality management.
Dual-core, endless running design; Optoelectronic isolation, lightning surge protection;Communication BUS malfunction smart detection;Data transmission zero lost rate.
UOTEK is the renowned brand in industrial automation. With superior service and reputation, UOTEK brand won gold award and consumer satisfy award.
UOTEK has its own R&D group, which invented various international innovative technologies. UOTEK is the industry-university-research cooperation base of Ji’nan University, which provides technology support at any time. We are also the National Hi-tech, and Shenzhen certified software enterprise. We own most of the national patents and software copyright in industrial automation field.

UOTEK Quality

UTEK TECHNOLOGY (UOTEK)always focuses on quality, R&D in the ethernet industry. With innovative technology and high investment in new products research & development, proprietary intellectual property rights are far in the lead around the world. Our slogan is: Connecting the future with technology. To “make connections more secured, ”UOTEK products are widely used in different fields. UOTEK products are in high universality, stability, and easy installation. We are the first ethernet switch manufacturer who released connection safety “four-dimensional” standards; it provides clients with the best industrial automation solution.

  • Quality Safety

    The average repair rate of UOTEK products is 100PPM, the qualified rate of one-time production is 1000PPM;

  • Technology Safety

    UOTEK product has intelligent fault cutting and a variety of protection functions;

  • Service Safety

    4S innovative service mode, and provide pre-sale, sale, after-sales consultation, and technical solutions.

  • Information Safety

    Integrated protection, zero loss of data communication transmission, data will not be damaged, changed and leaked due to malicious reasons.