2021 New Arrival: The Best Serial Device Server for Your Next Purchase

2021-08-04 Source:Utek technology

A serial device server is also known as a port redirector or serial port server. Typically, it is a computer utilized to enable different serial devices to communicate over an IP-based network. In serial device servers, the serial transmissions are transformed into Ethernet compatible signals, which network-attached applications and machines can remotely use. 

Meanwhile, the serial server device acts as an intermediary that provides cabled network connectivity for locally attached peripheral devices. With rapidly emerging advancements, there has been seen a massive explosion in the use of serial device servers for the following purposes:


✔ The primary purpose of the serial device server is that it allows serial devices to be used in a network. Plus, it does not have any reliance on the serial port of a computer for connectivity.

✔ The serial device server also allows serial devices to be reached out from any point, including from the internet too. 

✔ Serial device servers are also widely used because of some generalized features, such as continuous network monitoring, advanced network management, safety, reliability, self-healing ability, and absolute network convenience.


Functions and Applications of the Serial Device Server


Let us now view the detailed functions and applications of serial device servers. The functionalities of the serial device server are below: 


1. Data Transfer 

This device's primary function is to transfer the Ethernet local area network (LAN) and computer serial port data. This action allows it to be replaced with the serial cable Ethernet. At the same time, this action eliminates the suffering of the network station. It will enable computers to be placed and used from the place where they are present.


2. Connectivity 

Most serial port devices possess the ability to connect multiple serial devices with a single serial port. While accessing remote serial devices with the help of serial device servers can also be conducted across the wide-area network (WAN). Further adding to its versatility, the serial device servers are also usable for wired or wireless Ethernet interfaces and lines.


As far as the applications of serial device servers are concerned, they are numerous. For example, it is used as a time and attendance system within an office or university, access and control system, POS (point of sale) system, smart medical system, self-service banking system, power environment and & security system, industrial automation, and room monitoring in a telecommunication system. Similarly, power monitoring and automated manufacturing systems are essential areas in which serial device servers have their application.


The Newest Serial Device Server UOTEK UT-6808 Series


UOTEK UT-6808 series is the latest serial device server, manufactured by the famous and well-renowned company 'UOTEK.' Here are some of the critical aspects of this product: 


Basic Information 

UOTEK UT-6808 is the latest serial device server, made up of metal and offered multiple mounting designs. It functions to change up to 8 RS-232/485/422 serial ports into TCP/IP network interfaces. Likewise, it empowers straightforward bi-directional information transmission between RS-232/485/422 serial ports and TCP/IP network interfaces. It is suitable for different power supply methods with broad power input. (12 to 48 VDC)


Merits Compared With Others

UOTEK UT-6808, when compared with other products that claim to be of high quality, possesses a lot of salient features. The outstanding merit is that it is a secondary development of a serial server that can highly enhance the machine's working efficiency. Other goodness may include its elegant design and support for multi-operation modes, including TCP, MCP, VCOM, UDP, SERVER, TCP CLIENT, MQTT, Remote Pair mode, Modbus TCP CLIENT, and Modbus TCP SERVER. Besides, it has a wide range of baud rates, 300-921600bps, which is appropriate for inter-device applications. 



Like another serial device server, the UOTEK UT-6808 has various applications at different industrial places, such as access & control systems, power environment and security systems, and automated manufacturing systems. It has its suitability for various power supply methods, multi-serial applications, and inter-device applications. But the real benefits offered by the server come up with its salient features and overwhelming advantages.



UOTEK is famous for manufacturing products that majorly belong to the branch of telecommunication. These include serial device servers, industrial Ethernet switches, sensor acquisition equipment, wireless transmission devices, and smart remote I/O. Recently, we mainstreamed an incredible serial device server named UOTEK UT-6808, the best server for inter-device applications. In different scenarios, the server can be upgraded and used for advanced applications. Therefore, suppose you are looking for such a safe, high-tech, and innovative serial device server. In that case, we seem to be the ideal choice to make.

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