UOTEK Industrial Ethernet Switch has been Successfully Applied in Industrial Automation System


With the advancement of technology and the expansion of society, a multitude of things changes dramatically. For example, the past few years have witnessed a common social phenomenon that it is an inevitable trend to form an industrial automation system with industrial needs.


An industrial automation system refers to the automatic industrial control and industrial production without the participation of people. It can automatically adjust the parameters of the industry, technical index, and so on. Under the condition of industrial production automation, we only take care of and supervises machines indirectly. 

Recently, we, UOTEK, a proficient Ethernet switch manufacturer, successfully applies our industrial Ethernet switch in the industrial automation system. As we all know, an industrial automation system is a core element of industry 4.0. Compared with traditional industrial systems, the industrial automation system, which combines our industrial Ethernet switch, reduces labor costs and ultimately enables large-scale, low-cost manufacturing customization. Here are some merits of combining industrial automation systems and industrial Ethernet switches.


Faster network spreads

The maximum network speed supports gigabit transmission with large bandwidth. For example, the Industrial automation system uses automation and control of our UT-66408GM industrial Ethernet switch, directly connected the information with the automation equipment. The information collected by the sensor feedback to the control station. At the same time, the control information of the control station to PLC and other automation equipment. Thus to achieve the automation equipment and the sensing equipment unified management and automation control and improve transmission speed. Therefore, using an industrial automation system, data transmission speed can be much faster than in traditional industries. 

Adapt to the harsh environment of the factory

Not all factory conditions are favorable, so the industrial automation system which can adapt to a harsh industrial environment is of great importance. Our system supports working on the broad temperature environment work from forty degrees below zero centigrade to eighty-five degrees centigrade with the assistance of four levels electrostatic and four levels of surge level protection. In addition, to realize the comprehensive monitoring of the industrial automation system, the system chooses our UT-66408 GM industrial Ethernet switch, which is easy to configure and manage. It also has an automatic alarm function and uses the industrial protection IP40. Therefore, such a solid and reliable design for internal and external is vital to the factory's harsh environment.


Improve network reliability

The reliability and stability of the system in the industrial automation system have become the critical factors of whether the intelligent factory work without stopping. It is acknowledged that in the intelligent factory, the mechanical arm and PLC of the industrial automation system are in a long-term, uninterrupted working state. Thus the motor equipment in the factory, together with the electromagnetic interference around and the vibration, is extensive. So we mainly use the industrial protection IP40 with low consumption designs to ensure the redundancy and reliability of the network.


Better protection of data

When the communication breaks up abruptly, data will be transmitted along the redundant link to protect them better. The equipment that combines our industrial Ethernet switch with the industrial automation system in the scheme adopts a redundant dual power input design. That is to say, when the power of one road is cut off due to human or natural factors, the power of the other road continues to work normally without affecting the data transmission of the communication system. Besides, it uses a reliable fiber optic redundant loop network to connect all the workshops. The redundant loop Ethernet network can quickly recover within 20ms after disconnection. 



All in all, the industrial automation system brings marvelous influence to us. The industrial Ethernet switch successfully applies in the system is also a crucial step towards full automation and control.



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