Difficulties on Power Monitoring System


Power network construction, power control automation technology application, power transformer substation safety protection high level, and power distribution high efficiency, all of these promote the safety protection in power industry application. Intelligent power network will certainly improve the power distribution ability and flexibility of running control; it also will optimize the configuration resource of power network maximum, improve the efficiency of power generation assembly. 

Real time data is unable to share, computer rooms are widespread

Currently, the power monitoring systems are widespread. As the development of power system informatization, the real time data shared of image/data collecting from power generation assembly and auxiliary equipment running is quite impending.

Tele-office not available, can’t monitor the equipment running status and the computer rooms environment, no way debug on time

The safety requirement of power communication is very high. Currently, the computer rooms of most power system are under no-monitoring status, this make the safety in great potential danger. Some of the computer rooms hire people on duty to ensure the safety, but the human cost is high, and it is not easy to monitor and maintain the rooms in remote sites. As the development of transformer substation management, “no people on duty” and “tele-office” manage mode is the way for informatization. The technology of traditional camcorder can’t be meet the requirement of tele-office and long distance control and monitor. The setting line too many and the installation is complicated. The images only can be monitored in control center; at the same time, lots of video cables, control cables, and power cables bring huge cost on human resource and financial resource.

Difficult to storage system real time data

Because of the technology in the past, the storage space was limited; there was no way to storage more real time data as history data, even not to say higher level analysis and application. The history data from transformer substation is the great treasure. The expansion of storage space is complicated; the traditional monitoring system use DVR as the video storage device. As the development of power monitoring system, it is far from the requirement. Nowadays, real time data storage, analysis and application is more and more important.

Image quality of normal camcorder can’t be meet the requirement long-distance monitoring 

For normal camcorder, the image quality damaged when convert analog signal to digital signal. The analog signal getting weak after long distance transmission; and it is easy to get interference; the image resolution is fixed on PAL or NTSC, and this can’t be meet the requirement of high definition and resolution. The dynamic range of video signal is too small to meet every special application, such like low noise, wide dynamic, high frame rate; it can’t be meet the requirement of long distance transmission, share the information each other. 

No people on duty at power transformer substation cause potential safety hazard

The safety of power transformer substation can’t be get guaranty. Because the computer rooms are widespread, the environment is complicated and no people on duty, the safety problem of computer rooms is very important. We have to solve fire, security, water problem, so as to make sure the equipment running in normal status.