Smart power achieves low-carbon green life


The smart power grid is a complicated system, which with power and information dual flow characteristics. It is a high automatic and widely distributed electric power exchange network. Only comprehensively promote the UHV backbone network frame, and the smart power grid construction with the characteristics of information, automation, interaction, will build strong power grid.

The smart power grid adopts UHV as backbone grid, supported by information communication platform; it use intelligent control to construct information, automation, interaction characteristics of modern power network. Comprehensively pushing forward the smart power grid construction supports friendly access to various types of power supply, and interacts with all sorts of different customers intelligently; it also makes higher level to achieve the optimal allocation of power resources, meanwhile enhances the function of power grid, let the grid structure, operation, management, scheduling etc.

As advanced information technology and physics grid structure of smart power grid, it is with self-healing, interaction, compatibility and security function. It can self assess the operation of power grids continuously, and can find out problems timely, diagnose rapidly and eliminate the problems. When the fault occurs, it can rapidly isolate failure, self-recover, and avoid the risk of blackouts under as little as manual intervention. At the same time it can also adapt to all types of power supply and power storage, meet the requirement of electric power market, use the grid resources function to increase the service efficiency of electric power.

Under the new situation of the energy structure of major changes, comprehensively pushing forward the construction of the smart power grid is the great change and innovation of grid development. In essence, it is one of the important forms of low-carbon economy, also the embodiment of the practice of low-carbon electricity. Smart power grid is with high automation and self-healing abilities. It has information and communication system and a highly integrated power infrastructure, as well as the advanced alarm and visual technology; and it is with high dynamic real-time scheduling, monitoring and control system, as long as fuses power requirement management technology, distributed generation and Micro-Grid technology.

In the operation and management of power grid, it uses electric power dispatching function to carry out environmental protection, economic and energy-saving scheduling. This is the optimization of generator set power consumption with low pollution but high efficiency, to guide the power generation enterprises to reduce the energy consumption, reduce pollutant emissions and boost energy conservation and emissions reduction. Smart power grid can also let the power consumers to actively participate in optimizing operation of the power grid, prompt customers to better improve the efficiency of the use of electricity, thus reducing the power consumption and electric power demand. At the same time it can also break a series of new energy power connection and consumption problems, promote the development of new energy industry, to achieve the coordinated development of electricity and economy, environmental protection and the harmony of the natural environment, ultimately to achieve green life with smart power.