Product name:

UOTEK PCI-E to 2-port CAN card

Model: UT-702C

 Hardware Interface

    Connection type: 2 DB9 male

Bus: X1 2.5Gbps PCI Express


 CAN communication transmission rate: 500bps-1000Kbps

 Surge protection: 8/20 waveform 3000A

 Isolation protection: Isolation voltage 1500VDC

 Working mode: 2-wire half-duplex CAN transmit, CAN receive

 Protocol support: CAN2.0A, CAN2.0B protocols, compliant with ISO/DIS 11898 specification, supports extended frames, standard frames, data frames and remote frames

 Operating temperature: -4085°C

 Support System: windows xp win7, 8, 10 of 30, 64 bit, windows server2003 and other windows systems

UT-702C is a general-purpose PCI-E to CAN card that can be used in industrial control, intelligent buildings, automotive electronics and other fields. Each UT-702C card provides two CAN bus interfaces, each of which can be regarded as a standard CAN node. Using the UT-702C interface card, a computer can be connected to a standard CAN network, which in turn can perform data processing, data acquisition, data communication, and build fieldbus experiments, building intelligent control, industrial intelligent control, and other application fields.

The CAN interface of UT-702C is protected by anti-surge protection, electromagnetic isolation, power isolation and other protection measures, which enhances the anti-interference capability and improves the reliability of the system.