Solutions for media converter crash fault


 Media converter enables you to extend the transmission distance to above 100 KM. During the long distance transmission, the media converter usually crash every 1 hours. As long as to reset the power, and immediately it returns to normal. This will happen over a period of time, and it’s not stable.

To solve this problem, based on the analysis and understanding of fault cause, here put forward three solutions that will minimize switches crash phenomenon.

First is the media converter heat dissipation problem. Generally when media converter is used after a long time and it has been aging. The entire device heating would be bigger and bigger. And when the temperature comes to a certain degree, it would be crashed. The solution is to change media converter. Or you can use some cooling measures. Cooling measures are similar to the computer heat dissipation. Here we will not explain one by one.

Second is the power problem. After working long time, some power adapters which in poor-quality will start to aging, and become unstable. You can use your hands to touch the power to see whether it is hot or not. If yes, we must change power supply immediately. Because the cost of power supply is low, there is no sense for maintenance.

The third problem is switches data congestion. Generally the network broken is caused by switches in many cases. The switches will do CRC error detection and length checkout to all the data received; in this process, error packets will be discarded, and correct packets will be forwarded. Through the CRC error detection and length checkout, some error packets can't be detected. In this situation, these packets in the forwarding process will not be sent out and discarded. They will accumulate in the dynamic buffer and never be able to send out. Once the buffer is full, it leads to switch crash. Restart the media converter or switch will remove these error packets. But after a period of time, buffer will be full again. This situation usually comes along with the data loss. So users usually think it is the problem of media converter.