Ethernet switches in the application of intelligent transportation

2017-02-25 Source:

Industrial Ethernet is the Ethernet technology which applied in the field of industrial control, and it is compatible with commercial Ethernet (IEEE802.3 standard). In product design, it needs to meet the requirements of the industrial field, such as the material, strength, applicability, real-time, interoperability, reliability and anti-interference performance, essential safety, etc..

Someone may ask, in the car networking, the communication between vehicles and ground, vehicles and pedestrians, cars and cars is realized through the three major mobile operators(Telecom, Mobile and Unicom), cellular network & wireless communication technology(GSM/3G) and GPS & GIS technology. But how can this contact with industrial Ethernet? First, let’s have a look at one of the key technology of car networking, some parts of the network and internet technology.

The sensor networking

Through wireless communication and satellite positioning technology, the sensor transmits vehicles and pedestrians information which collected to information center.

Information interaction between nodes

Information exchanges between the main nodes which mainly include vehicles, road and pedestrians.

The interconnection between car networking and integrated network

To realize the network interconnection mainly between the cars networking itself and the public information, such as urban ITS information center, operators network, public security professional network, etc..

Network security and reliability

Car networking of wireless communication technology network security; and the stability of front-end communication equipment.

In fact, cellular wireless communication (GSM/3G) only complete a few networking work on cars and pedestrians sensor. In the front-end information acquisition, such as cars, people and road, need to use wireless technology, also need to use a large number of cable communication technology, which includes industrial Ethernet technology. Industrial Ethernet technology is directly or indirectly related to the network technology, such as sensor network, information interaction between nodes, network security and reliability, interconnection between car networking and integrated network etc.. 

Sensor network, for example, mainly use operators’ wireless communication (3G communication). The communication infrastructure is the wireless base station and repeater stations. There is no use of industrial Ethernet technology in the data communication between the base station and repeater station with operators. But the equipment monitoring data communication between operators monitoring center with the base station or repeater station tend to use industrial Ethernet technology. The main reason is that generally base stations are installed outdoors, and many in the wild. The environment is very complex (high or low temperature, air humidity, electromagnetic interference). Unattended, the maintenance is extremely inconvenient. So to guarantee the normal work of the base station equipment, there will be a large number of monitoring devices(such as camera, infrared, backup generators and other equipments) to implement a front-end equipment data acquisition by reliable performance and stable equipment industrial switches, serial server, serial port turn E1 industrial communications equipment, and communicate with operators monitoring center, to ensure technical management personnel monitor working condition of the base station timely and accurately. Meanwhile it can pre knowledge and make timely treatment once there's an emergency, to maintain the wireless base stations work normally and efficiently.

In the aspects of information interaction between nodes and car networking and integrated network interconnection, from the perspective of application, actually it refers to monitor road vehicles driving, traffic flow, pedestrian abnormal behavior effectively, timely release the road traffic information (for people, vehicles, site roads). For the car networking, in a broad sense, is the interactive communication widely between cars, people, roads and public information platform. Intelligent transportation system involves urban traffic model control system, high-definition electronic police system, and high-definition access system. In recent years, the electronic police, access system develop at a high speed.

In terms of application, in addition to the captured through a red light outside, electronic police progressively detect the driver behavior (smoking, a phone call, seat belt) and the co-pilot seat belt. In addition to accurately capture and identify vehicle models, high-definition access system also need to capture personnel facial features in a front row seat step by step. This requires the higher and higher demand for the front intersection camera technology. The development of video detection technology of cameras and cameras IP, increase the pixels of cameras (300w, 500w, 800w), to obtain a clear video images. So there is higher and higher demands for the front road communications equipment, such as the equipments used to connect camera and detector devices.

Usually when doing this kind of project with complete front intersection communication equipment, ITS industry integrators prefer industrial Ethernet switches. The main cause like their convenient installation (DIN rail), environmental adaptability (high and low temperature, humidity), and the characteristics of anti-interference, well solve the problems of the communication equipment stability. And the characteristics of moderate port number (generally 5-10 port), high-bandwidth (support gigabit), flexible photoelectric conversion (support optical port, optional single-mode & multimode, optional single fiber & double fiber), and well solve the practical problems, such as the camera connect and communicate with background, uplink port bandwidth pressure problems.

Due to network security and reliability, the design purpose of industrial Ethernet switches is to provide safe and reliable Ethernet communication to the field of industrial communication network. Through special ring network communication protocol, and various industrial Ethernet network security protocol to protect network architecture and network data security. And in product design, considering all kinds of industrial environment complex factors (high and low temperature, high humidity, corrosive, large interference, vibration) that may influence on the equipment to work normally, and have targeted design solution to ensure the high reliability industrial Ethernet switch equipment itself.