High threshold of automatic production line upgrade, cost and technology are the two major challenges


Industrial automation is involving in single device, section, production lines of industrial manufacturing and the whole factory; it is the fundamental supporting technology of modern industry: transportation, electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemistry, electronics, equipment & machinery, papermaking & light industry, food & medicine, etc. The market share in future of industrial automation products and system integrated industry is more than hundred billions CNY.

In recent years, the production scale of machinery industry expands continually, the demand for machinery industry productivity boost has given rise to the rapid development of all kinds of automated & intelligentized, professional production line, especially the original labor-intensive packaging field. Industrial software and industrial robots, the combination of software and hardware, is the most effective method of reforming the existing mode of production, improving production efficiency and reducing the production cost.

Customers’ demand is rising now. It not only raises more strict requirements on the quality and performance of the products, but also more personalized requirements on packaging appearance. Therefore it brings the rapid development of packaging machinery industry, and various types of packaging machinery emerge in endlessly. The most important significance of the professional production line is that only need one person to manage the whole production line. The development of production not only brings production quality improvement, but also fulfills the ability enhancement of diversified market requirements. 

A wide range of industry software, eventually integrate automatic production line of many production elements into a network to realize real-time control. There are so many different kinds of industry software, from the large DCS control system, to the automation machinery equipment monomer or unified control, they all need software system.

Industrial software is the brain of automation. No matter automation or intelligent equipment, most of the functions rely on industrial control software. First of all, the central control system, its main duties and responsibilities are making disposal plan in advance through the data monitoring, analysis of bad data. Second, the control of industrial machinery production equipment makes judgment of industrial state through the preset industrial software, and makes adjustment to the mechanical state according to the need, thus the product applicability improving greatly.

With various advantages of automatic production line upgrade, the development is a inevitable trend. However, for many traditional industry or the manufacturer who are going through production line in the transformation, automatic production line can’t be done in one day. Cost considerations, talent training, and system integration in the process of transformation become the second wave of challenges for manufacturer to upgrade it.