Product name:

UOTEK DC5V-5V Isolation Module

Model: UT-0505-1W

● Efficiency as high as 75%

● SIP6 encapsulation format, compatible with any pin to pin products

● Operating Temperature: -40~+85℃

● SMD designed

● No need external component

● Material: Plastic, fire resistance, heatproof

● Operating Frequency: 60KHz±10%


UT-0505 series is special designed for the isolated power which required from distributed power system on the circuit board.


Voltage: ≤±10%

Isolation Voltage(between input & output) ≤1000VDC

Low command on output voltage stability, output ripple & noise

e.g: purely digital circuit, normal low frequency analog circuit, IGBT equipower drive circuit

Working efficiency: 75%

Port: Compatible with SIP6 encapsulation format

Frequency: 60KHZ±10%

Input Voltage: 5 VDC

Output Current: 20~200mA

Load Regulation: 12% max

Temperature Drifts Data: 0.03%/℃ typical value

Ripple & Noise (20MHZ bandwidth): 30mV-120mV p-p max

Full Load Efficiency: 75% typical value, 70% min

Storage Humidity: 95%

Operating Temperature: -40℃~85℃

Storage Temperature: -55℃~125℃

Operating Termperature on Shell: 15℃~25℃

Cooling: Air cooling

Material: Plastic, fireproof, heat-resistant

Output Message Protection: 1 sec