Product name:

UOTEK TTL to RS-485(5V) Module

Model: UT-M485

● Connect 32 nodes at least in one LAN

● Single +5V power supply    

● Transmission Rate: 300bps-115,200bps

● RS-485 signal: 485+, 485-

● TTL signal: RXD, TXD, GND

● RS-485: 600W surge protection

● Isolation voltage: 1,000V DC

● Operating humidity: 5%-95 %( non-condensing)

● Operating temperature: -40~+85℃

UT-M485 series isolation transceiver module integrated with power isolation, electric isolation, RS-485, and interface chipset, which is isolation and BUS protection in one. It is convenient to embed into the device, so as to get RS-485 connect function. This series is using dosing technology, with great isolation function. The isolated voltage can be as high as 1,000V DC. It can be used in industrial communication, coal mine industry, power security, building automation, Petro/chemistry, PLC, and transducer.

Voltage input: DC4.75~5.25V

Module quiescent current: ≤65mA

Module transmitting current: ≤80mA

RS-485 bus interface: standard RS-485 port, with ESD bus protection

                               built-in 4.7K up-down push resistance, twisted pair output,600W surge protection

Bus drive capacity: Allows each RS-485 to connect at least 32 sets device

Serial port: compatible +5V standard UART interface

Baud rate input: max115,200 bps

Data delay: from receiving data to sending data delay: min 30μs, max 100μs