Product name:

UOTEK RS-485 to 4 Ports RS-485/422 Hub

Model: UT-1304H

Standards: RS-485/422 EIA/TIA

● Interface: RS-485/422 terminal block

● Transmission media: twisted-pair or shielded cable

● Working mode: asynchronous, half-duplex or full-duplex

● LEDs for indicating PWR, TXD, RXD, and E1-E4 activity

● Isolation: isolated voltage 2,500VRMS 500VDC, DC/DC isolated module

● Baudrate: 300bps-115.2Kbps

● Operating voltage: DC9-48V/220VAC

● Rated power: 1W

● Protection level: RS-485/422 provides with 8/20μs 3,000A lightning surge protection each line

● Transmission distance: 0-1,200m (115,200-300bps)

● Operating temperature: -40℃ to 85℃

● Relative humidity: 5% to 95%

UT-1304H is a RS485 Hub special designed for RS485/422 system under complicated electromagnetic field. With built-in micro CPU(non-stop running), the transmission rate can be up to 115.2KBPS. To ensure the safety and reliability of the communication, it adopts optoelectronic isolation technology on RS485/422 ports; this provides surge & lightning protection with the converter and device. The internal optoelectronic isolator and 3,000A lightning & surge protection circuit provide with 2,500V isolated voltage to prevent it from lightning and ESD. At the same time, it prevents from common-grounded interference. This hub adopts external power; it is quite safe & convenient for outdoor application. 

Under RS-485/422 working mode, UT-1304H will detect the data flow direction by distinguishing the circuit automatically; at the same time, it will control the circuit by automatic switching, this solves RS-485 data receiving and transmitting delay problem. The transmission distance of RS-485/422 port is over 1,200m. UT-1304H is widely used in highway toll system, traffic monitoring system and power system.

UT-1304H RS-485 HUB provides with star topology RS-485 connection, each port support short circuit, open-circuit protection. Users can easily change RS-485 BUS structure, and cut the network segment to improve the communication reliability. When lightning or the equipment breaks down, the network segment with problem will be isolated, to make sure the other network segment works regularly. This performance enhances the reliability of RS-485/422 network, and shortens the network maintenance time. Using UT-1304H RS-485 HUB in a right way will help you create a unique and reliable RS-485/422 system.