Product name:

UOTEK RS-232 Long Distance Extender(7 bits)(two sets using together)

Model: UT-2212

● Standards: RS-232C EIA & CCITT V.24 asynchronous protocols

● Connector: DB9 for RS-232 side, RJ45 for communication line

● Transmission mode: asynchronous, full-duplex or half-duplex

● Baud rate: 300-115,200BPS

● Power: 9-24VDC 1A

● Dimension: 79x52x21mm

● Operating temperature: -25℃ to 70℃

● Relative humidity: 5% to 95%(Non-condensing)

UT-2212/3212 series RS-232 long distance extender allows you to extend the communication distance between two asynchronous communication RS-232 equipments to 1.2km. The lightning technology fully protect RS-232 equipments from surge interference, this improve the reliability and stability of the communication. It can be used in the field of own line asynchronous RS-232 point to point communication.  

UT-2212/3212 series is widely used in point to point RS-232 communication, connection between multi-user terminal and host, RS-232 remote control system, SPC toll terminal, satellite receiver, etc.