Product name:

UOTEK RS-232 to CAN BUS Level Converter

Model: UT-2501

● Standards: EIA RS-232, CCITT V.24 asynchronous protocol

● Standards: EIA/TIA RS-232C、CANBUS

● Interface: RS-232 female, CANBUS DB9 male, terminal block

● Working mode: Asynchronous half-duplex

● Transmission media: Twisted-pair or Shielded cable

● Baudrate: 300BPS-115.2KBPS

● Dimension: 63x33x17mm

● Operating temperature: -40℃ to 85℃

● Relative humidity: 5% to 95%

● Transmission distance: more than 1,200m (CANBUS port), 5m (RS-232 port)

UT-2501 adopts optoelectronic isolation technology, it fully isolate the electric and ground wire loop circuit between both sides of RS-232 device, protects the communication device from power ground wire loop circuit and surge interference. The built-in instant voltage protector protects CANBUS interface; it adopts advanced TVS (TRANSIENT VOLTAGE SUPPRESSOR) to improve the communication reliability and stability; at the same time, UT-2501 use dual wire balance transmission instead of RS-232 port single side transmission; this greatly enlarge the communication distance. In the field of asynchronous RS-232 point to point in special line, UT-2501 meets the requirement of port protection or distance extension. 

UT-2501 is mini size design, there is no special requirement on wire; the consumption of external power is less than 50mA, you can plug it directly into RS-232 port, convenient for using.

UT-2501 series is widely used in point to point RS-232 communication, RS-232 long distance control system, SPC exchange terminal billing, and satellite receiver.