Product name:

UOTEK UT-N60GS11P 1-port Gigabit network fiber optic switch

Model: UT-N60GS11P

● Support 1*1.25Gbps SFP slot, 1*10/100/1000Mbps self-adaptive electrical port;
● Adopt high-quality optoelectronic integrated modules to provide good optical and electrical characteristics to ensure reliable transmission and long lifecycle;
● Support MAC address automatic learning and automatic update function and the operation mechanism of data storage and forwarding;
● Support flow control mode: Full-duplex adopts IEEE 802.3X, half-duplex adopts back pressure mode;
● Provide status indicator light, external power supply (output 5V~50HZ 1A);
● Adopt a unique integrated circuit solution, the chip temperature rise is low, get rid of the heat dissipation system, realize flow control, and reduce broadcast storms
● Ultra-low power consumption less than 2.5W (Input: AC140~260V), low heat generation, and can work stably for a long time;

UT-N60GS11 series is a Gigabit Adaptive Fast Ethernet fiber optic transceiver, supporting one 1.25Gbps SFP slot and one 10/100/1000Base-T adaptive Ethernet RJ45 interface. The product design conforms to the Ethernet standard, with lightning protection and anti-static protection, a wide range of operating temperature from -20°C to 70°C, and stable and reliable performance. The device can be widely used in various industries such as intelligent buildings, smart cities, intelligent transportation, telecommunications, security, electric power and coal.
RJ45 Port: 1*10/100/1000base-T RJ45(Auto-MDI/MDI-x)
Fiber Port: 1*1000Base-FX Port (SFP Slot) 
LED Indicators
Power Indicator: PWR Indicator Light (On: The Power Supply Is Working Normally, Off: No Power Supply Or Failure)
Electrical Port Mode Indicator: FDX Indicator (On: Full-Duplex Mode, Off: Half-Duplex Mode)
Optical Port Status Indicator: FX LINK/ACT Indicator Light (On: Optical Port Connection Is Normal, Flashing: Optical Port Communication Is Normal)
Electrical Port Status Indicator: TX LINK/ACT Indicator (On: Electrical Port Connection Is Normal, Flashing: Electrical Port Communication Is Normal)
Electrical Port Gigabit Speed Indicator: 1000 Indicator Light (On: The Optical Port Rate Is 1000Mbps)
Electrical Port 100M Speed Indicator: 100 Indicator Light (On: The Electrical Port Rate Is 100Mbps)
Transmission Distance
CAT5 Twisted Pair: 100m
Multimode Dual Fiber: 550m
Single-Mode Dual-Fiber: 25/40/60/80/100Km
Single Mode Single Fiber: 25/40/60/80Km
Exchange Performance
Transmission Method: Store And Forward
MAC Address: 1K
Cache: 1 Mbit
Switching Delay: <10us
Power Requirements
Power Supply: DC 5V1A
Power Consumption: <2.5W
Operating Environment
Operating Temperature: -20~70℃
Operating Humidity: 5%~90%
Storage Temperature: -40~70℃
Storage Humidity: 5%~90% (No Condensation)
Mechanical Characteristics
Dimensions: 93*70*25mm (L * W * H)
Weight: 0.2kg (Bare Metal)
Installation Method: Desktop Installation
Heat Dissipation Method: Natural Cooling, No Fan