Product name:

UOTEK Digital 8-channel optical isolated dry contact I/O input module

Model: UT-5528

● Operating power supply: 9-30VDC/350mA

 Isolation voltage: 2500V rms

● Electrical interfaceTen bit terminal block


 Operating temperature: -25 ~ 70°C

● Relative humidity from 5 ~ 95%

● RS-485 interface (RS-232 optional), support MODBUS-RTU 

 The UT-5528 opto-isolated data parallel input I/O controller is an 8-bit, 8-channel isolated switching input. All switching inputs are simply COM and IN1 shorted, or COM and IN1-8 can be connected.

Hardware definition and initial definition

 Connector allocation

The controller is using 10-position terminal blocks as input and output connectors, with the following pin assignments.


--GND:Common ground

--VCC:DC9--30V power input operating current:350mA

--DATA-:Communication interface (RS232, data reception, RS485/RS485-)

--DATA+: Communication interface (RS232, data reception, RS485/RS485)

--RESET: reset

--COM: Switching input common

--IN1/IN2/IN3/IN4/IN5/IN6/IN7/IN8 Switching inputs

--NC: empty