Product name:

UOTEK RS-232 lightning protector

Model: UT-S2201

● Rated operating voltage Un15V

● Max. DC operating voltage Uc16.5V

● Max. AC operating voltage Uc11V

● Rated operating current IL0.12A

● Nominal discharge current (8/20 us) In5KA

● Max. discharge current In10KA

 Limiting voltage Upl:≤30V

● Series impedance characteristics of the line Ro 10 Ohm

     This lightning surge protector refers to the national standard IEC61643-21:2000 / GB/T18802.21 design. With the development of the national economy, the development of the Internet era is increasingly new, the rapid progress in the development of Internet technology. However, it cannot ignore the existence of this or that problem in the development, safety issues are put in the first place. Daily life, lightning damage to electronic equipment is the most serious, static electricity generated by the threat is also everywhere, in order to the majority of users have a safer use of the environment, to improve the reliability of equipment requirements are increasingly strong.

     Uses: Used for industrial control Internet, RS-232 interface, dedicated lines, automatic control and instrumentation lines, data lines and telephone equipment, fax machines and other equipment protection, but also for the protection of sensors in the current loop, secondary instruments; so that the protected equipment from damage caused by induction overvoltage, operating overvoltage and electrostatic discharge.

● Rated operating voltage Un:15V

● Max. DC operating voltage Uc:16.5V

● Max. AC operating voltage Uc:11V

● Rated operating current IL:0.12A

● Nominal discharge current (8/20 us) In:5KA

● Max. discharge current In:10KA

 Limiting voltage Upl:≤30V

● Series impedance characteristics of the line Ro :10 Ohm

 Capacitance value between line and line Cll:≤80pF

 Capacitance value between line and ground Cpe:≤140pF

 Response time ta:<1 ns

● Operating temperature range: -4085°C

 Test standard: IEC61000-4-5

● Test level: X

 Insulation resistance: >1MΩ

● Insertion loss (dB): 0.5 dB

● Enclosure protection level: IP30

 Dimension: 25 x 25 x 82mm

 Enclosure material: shielded metal aluminum

 Wiring form: terminal block (RS-232)

● Anti-static Level:  4

 Transmission rate (BPS): 10M