Product name:

UOTEK 5-Ports RS-232 extender(Use in pairs)

Model: UT-3212

● Interface: One end conforms to ELA RS-232C and CCITT V.24 asynchronous protocol, the other end uses standard RJ-45 interface

 Connector: RS-232 side uses DB9 female connector, other side uses RJ-45 interface connector

 Transmission mode: Asynchronous, full or half duplex

 Rate: 300-115200bps

 Power supply: 9-24VDC 1A

 Dimension: 79mm*52mm*21mm

● Operating environment: -25 ~ 70°C

● Relative humidity: 5 ~ 95%

UT-3212 series RS-232 extender, which can simultaneously extend the communication distance of two RS-232 devices with asynchronous communication to a maximum of 1.2 km. Due to the lightning protection technology, it completely protects both ends of the RS-232 equipment from interference damage by surges, which obviously improves the reliability and stability of the communication system, while the communication distance is greatly improved by changing the original RS-232 interface single-ended transmission method and using twisted pair transmission. In the field of asynchronous RS-232 point-to-point pass using dedicated own lines, all can use UT-3212 to meet the needs of interface protection or extended distance. UT-3212 series products are 4-port and 6-port. Among them, UT-3212 4-port products can transmit a pair of data signals, and RTS, CTS traffic control.


UT-3212 is compact in size and does not require high wire requirements, and can be used with general network cable or 8-core twisted pair cable preferably with shielded wire. It can be plugged directly into the RS-232 interface of the device and is very easy to use.


UT-3212 series products have been widely used in point-to-point RS-232 communication, multi-user terminal and host connection, RS-232 remote control system, program-controlled switch billing terminal, and satellite receiver.