Product name:

UOTEK Digital 4-channel opto-electronic isolation input, 4-channel relay output I/O controller

Model: UT-5510A

● Four-channel opto-electronic isolation voltage input & four-channel opto- isolated relay output 

● Operating power: 9-30VDC/350mA 

● Isolated voltage: 2500V rms 

● Isolated voltage input:0 ~ 24V 

● Max. contact capacity (DC): 110VDC 0.3A 30VDC 1A 

● Max. contact capacity (AC): 5-250VAC(47-63Hz) 

● Interface: 10-bits terminal block 

● Dimension: 120mm×80mm×25mm 

● Operating temperature: -40℃ to +85℃, 

● Relative Humidity:5% ~ 95%RH,non-condensation 

● Work with all communication software, plug-and-play 

● Support DOS/WIN95/WIN98/WIN2000/NT/XP

UT-5510A optoelectronic isolation data-parallel I/O controller is an interface with 8-bit, 4-channel data input and output; each data input or output channel is similar to several computer interfaces. In this optoisolator relay, the module can be remotely controlled by a series of commands via Modbus-RTU protocol, and communicates with the host by command data via RS-485 serial bus.

The communication baud rate is software-configurable, and the maximum transmission rate is up to 115200bps, using a 4-channel wireless relay.

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●Multi-channel status signal monitoring 

●Parallel data transmission communication 

●Industrial automation control 

●Lab automation control 

●Multi-channel conversion control 

●Inductive electric eye monitoring 

●Automated production line control 

●Automated testing control 

>>Connectors and Signals 

Connector Assignment 

The controller use 10-pin terminal blocks as I/O interface,and the pin assignments are as follow