Product name:

UOTEK 8-Port RS-485 Isolated Hub

Model: UT-1128

● Standards: RS-232C, RS-485 EIA/TIA

● Voltage input: DC12-48V 350Ma

● Transmission media: Twisted pair or shielded cable

● Working mode: Asynchronous half-duplex

● Indicators: signal, PWR, TX, RX, E1-E8

● Isolation: non-stop isolated voltage 2,500VRMS 500VDC, DC/DC isolated module

● Transmission rate: 300bps-115.2Kbps

● Protection: 

Each wire 15KV ESD protection for RS-232 ports;

1,500W lightning and surge protection for RS-485 ports

2,000V lightning and surge protection for power supply

● Transmission distance: 0-1.2km (115,200-300bps)

● Dimension: 145x90x40mm

● Working environment: -40 -85 , relative humidity 5%-95%

 UT-1128 is a RS-485 BUS hub with built-in dual core, and non-stop working design. It is special design for RS-485 system under complicated electromagnetic field. The transmission rate can be as high as 115.2Kbps. To ensure the data communication safety and reliability, it adopts optoelectronic isolation technology , and provides with lightning and surge protection on RS-485 ports; the built-in optoelectronic isolator and 1,500W surge protection circuit provide 2,500V isolated voltage, this prevent the devices from lightning and ESD, and ground interference. With external power, UT -1128 is quite safe for outdoor projects.

Under RS-485 working mode, the circuit can distinguish the data flow direction, and switch it automatically to control the circuit; this easily solves the transmission delay issue. The transmission distance is over 1,200m. UT-1128 is a high performance converter, which is widely used in highway toll collection system, road monitoring system, and power collection system.

UT-1128 provides RS-485 BUS connection, each port supports short-circuit and open circuit protection. 2,500V isolated voltage allows user improve the RS-485 BUS structure, divide the network segment easily. When the device under lightning stroke or the device is breakdown, these network segments will be isolated, so as to ensure the other network segments working normally; this improves the RS-485 network reliability, makes the network maintain time shorten. UT -1128 is the best choice for reliable RS-485 system.

>>Panel & signal indication

UT-1128 indicators:

PWR- power indicator, it is red when working;

TX- data transmission indicator, it is blinking in green when working, input data is transmitted to output port 1- port 8;

RX- data receive indicator, it is blinking in yellow, and output data from port 1- port 8 is transmitted to input port;

E1-E8- fault indicators, when the lights on, the device from corresponding port is short-circuit;

>>Port definition